mightyhunter: This 17-Year-Old Coder Is Saving Twitter From TV Spoilers Imagine you forget to watch a new episode of Game of Thrones the night it airs. Even if coworkers stay mum about important plot points, Twitter is abuzz with spoilers. Fortunately, there’s Twivo, a new program that allows Twitter users to censor their feeds from […]

Snowden offers to help Brazil probe U.S. surveillance

Brazil newspaper has published a letter under the byline of Edward Snowden, in which he offers to assist Brazil in uncovering potential U.S. espionage crimes against Brazilian citizens and makes a plea for a foreign government to grant him permanent political asylum. Snowden offers to help Brazil probe U.S. surveillance

aljazeeraamerica: Study: Women on corporate boards help companies strike better deals When it comes to building an empire, corporations would be wise to appoint more women to their boards of directors. That’s because female directors appear to bring down the costs of acquiring other companies, according to new research from the University of British Columbia, and […]