New water, cars and pollination, #likeagirl (equality)

An Update to Earlier Article

Here’s the link to the earlier post: The link towards the bottom is about how African countries are banning drones that would be used to protect wildlife. Here’s a newer story of how poachers killed Satao, a famous elephant known for his long tusks:

Jon Stewart on Middle East and with Howard Schultz—now-that-s-what-i-call-being-completely-f–king-wrong-about-iraq–a-love-story

A Bit of Everything

Well worth reading. Using already established port authorities to protect the local environment. Another article about the role of money in politics with the famous Koch brothers. If you want some numbers about lobbying, go to Part of the growing move to build a system to clear out trash on the ocean. Making […]

PR Bay loses bioluminescence, Christian Climate Change, EPA

No idea of the cause yet, but looking to be a man-made cause not a natural shift. Good to see people taking action. Three things I drew from the article: the US is taking a step to cap carbon emissions from coal plants, politics are holding back change, and working to become part of  a […]