Clean Energy – moss, algae, and the matter of will

Moss can power a radio, and could eventually charge your phone A team of scientists over in Europe have decided to take the idea of “green” power very, very literally: They have developed a system to harness the energy generated by moss. A unique bioreactor at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) […]

Sunday night wrap of some recent news [Drones, HIV, Vitals, Fusion energy] Commercial Drones Are Completely Legal, a Federal Judge Ruled Early Treatment Is Found to Clear H.I.V. in a 2nd Baby Smartphone Case Takes a Selfie of Your Vital Signs with Medical Grade Accuracy 13-year-old builds working nuclear fusion reactor: UK schoolboy Jamie Edwards becomes the youngest person to build a working nuclear fusion […]

Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

Just last month, Duke Energy insisted there was no reason to clean up its coal-ash piles. Oops. Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river