The path we’re headed on Three articles all by vice that explain how humans are wrecking the planet.   Then, Neil DeGrasse Tyson on how the earth will survive, but we won’t.

UNC Athlete Essay On Rosa Parks Gets A-Minus – Business Insider

UNC Athlete Essay On Rosa Parks Gets A-Minus – Business Insider. There has been an update: the student had an overall A- average, the whistleblower isn’t certain on the exact grade of the paper. Nonetheless, the class is fake and serves to keep the athlete in school with an acceptable GPA.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Kiev’s Independence Square

Independence Square (aka Maidan) in central Kiev is the epicenter of an ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Protesters have been camped out since December, defending Maidan against Russian-backed riot police and security forces loyal to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. At least 26 people have died in the clashes over the past two days. Here’s what Independence Square looked like in September […]