Semi-opposing views on ALS fundraising There’s a tricky balance when donating to find cures or fund treatments for diseases. The factors include how personal the disease is, how much funding it already receives, the number of people impacted, and the demographic the disease usually impacts.

Investing in Oceanic Health

Ocean bottomliner: Why Mike Bloomberg is investing in fish Last month, Michael Bloomberg did a lot of things. He stopped being mayor of New York and started being U.N. envoy for cities and climate change. He promoted immigration reform before Congress. He freaked out over the True Detective pilot like the rest of us (we […]

How Leaving Your Dream Job (Even Pro-Surfing) Can Make a World of Change

GUEST POST: As a pro surfer, Jon Rose traveled all over the world, and he noticed communities in need virtually everywhere he went. So he started his own charity, Waves for Water, to empower individuals to combat the global water crisis — without ever sacrificing fun. How Leaving Your Dream Job (Even Pro-Surfing) Can Make […]