Jeez, coal…

As quoted from their Education – Mining 101 page: “Surface coal mining techniques, which account for the majority of national coal production and roughly 42 percent of West Virginia’s coal production, involve the mechanical removal of overlying native earth and rock or “overburden” to reach underlying coal seams.” “Far from the destructiveness portrayed in the […]

Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

Just last month, Duke Energy insisted there was no reason to clean up its coal-ash piles. Oops. Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

WV Chem Spill Update: Formaldehyde Is Safe, Coal Is Clean, And Would You Like To Buy This Bridge?

An environmental engineer has reported finding formaldehyde in water samples taken from the area affected by the January 9 West Virginia chemical spill, and though it was only one location the already frayed nerves in the nine-county region have been set on edge once again. According to a report in the West Virginia Gazette, the […]