Jon Stewart on Middle East and with Howard Schultz—now-that-s-what-i-call-being-completely-f–king-wrong-about-iraq–a-love-story

A Bit of Everything

Well worth reading. Using already established port authorities to protect the local environment. Another article about the role of money in politics with the famous Koch brothers. If you want some numbers about lobbying, go to Part of the growing move to build a system to clear out trash on the ocean. Making […]

In Fake Classes Scandal, UNC Fails Its Athletes—and Whistle-Blower Mary Willingham makes public how college athletes are signed up to take fake classes and literacy rates of elementary students. Skipping class may lend more time to sports now but when that loan is called in, they’ll have a poor education, unable to guide themselves.

UNC: We failed students ‘for years’

Chancellor: University of North Carolina failed some of its students “for years” by allowing them to take classes that did not match academic standards. UNC: We failed students ‘for years’