Saturday night news Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips) New Bionic Leaf Could Solve Solar Energy Storage Problem Quadcopter HD video of dolphin stampede and whales – shows how drones can be used for good things HackingTeam Used US Servers To Enable Other Governments’ Sketchy Spying

Sunday Morning News 2/16/14 Kickstarter was hacked, and some personal info was compromised but not credit card info. Google acquires startup SlickLogin which uses inaudible sound to act as a password replacing the traditional typed password. Possible radiation leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site More than 200 miners trapped in illegal South African […]

Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

Just last month, Duke Energy insisted there was no reason to clean up its coal-ash piles. Oops. Coal plant accident spews coal ash into North Carolina river

For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000

Today I found out that during the height of the Cold War, the US military put such an emphasis on a rapid response to an attack on American soil, that to minimize any foreseeable delay in launching a nuclear missile, for nearly two decades they intentionally set the launch codes at every silo in the […]