Jeez, coal…

As quoted from their Education – Mining 101 page: “Surface coal mining techniques, which account for the majority of national coal production and roughly 42 percent of West Virginia’s coal production, involve the mechanical removal of overlying native earth and rock or “overburden” to reach underlying coal seams.” “Far from the destructiveness portrayed in the […]

Clean Energy – moss, algae, and the matter of will

Moss can power a radio, and could eventually charge your phone A team of scientists over in Europe have decided to take the idea of “green” power very, very literally: They have developed a system to harness the energy generated by moss. A unique bioreactor at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) […]

Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas Is A Dreadful Idea For The Climate The crisis in Ukraine has rekindled arguments that the U.S. should export shale gas, supposedly to diminish the threat posed by Russia’s “energy weapon.” Sadly, few seem to care about diminishing the threat posed by climate change, since it has become increasingly clear that LNG would make things worse.

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Sunday Morning News 2/16/14 Kickstarter was hacked, and some personal info was compromised but not credit card info. Google acquires startup SlickLogin which uses inaudible sound to act as a password replacing the traditional typed password. Possible radiation leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site More than 200 miners trapped in illegal South African […]