To Apple, From a Deadly and Devastated Slice of Paradise Apple publicly acknowledges its use of illegally mined tin from Indonesia where the death rate for miners can be as high as 1 person/wk.

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Our Earth POSTED ON NOVEMBER 13, 2013 BY FANGELSI 15 The universe we live in is huge, insanely so, with the only the observable part of it as large as 46 billion light years in radius. In there lie galaxies, stars, planets, and all kinds of intergalactic matters and energy. But there is only one place, […]

aljazeeraamerica: BP disputes 2010 Gulf spill estimate Lawyers for the Justice Department and BP PLC – the oil company largely responsible for spilling millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 – finished arguing in court on Friday over exactly how much oil was discharged. Government experts estimated that the Deepwater Horizon disaster, […]