Profit Or Preservation?

It is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World and regarded as a global treasure, but experts have warned Australia’s already fragile Great Barrier Reef in under threat in what could be an environmental disaster with global implications. Australia’s new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who once famously said that climate change […]

Gray whale dies bringing us a message — with stomach full of plastic trash

July 29, 2013, a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a northern island in the Netherlands. A rescue attempt was attempted, but unfortunately the whale died. A young adult at 13.5 meters was taken for a necropsy at the port of Harlington. The sperm whale had plastic in its stomach, an increasing common phenomenon say […]

Company Promises To Pay For Hawaii’s Massive Molasses Spill : NPR

Tens of thousands of sea creatures have been killed by this month’s sticky spill in Honolulu Harbor. Matson Inc. says it will cover all the related costs and will not ship molasses any more unless it is confident such a spill won’t happen again. Company Promises To Pay For Hawaii’s Massive Molasses Spill : NPR