Tech against corruption, compact-gardening infographic, solar

These two are pretty useful: A teenager uses coding to fight corruption: Utilities working against distributed solar:

Energy news and Small Homes Researchers at MIT have developed a solar thermophotovoltaic device that experimentally demonstrates a three-fold increase in energy conversion efficiency. Their device builds upon solar thermophotovoltaic technologies, adding a nanophotonic absorber-emitter that is tuned for optimal collection of sunlight and thermal emission above the photovoltaic band gap. Cabin fever: Are tiny houses the new American […]

Saturday night news Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences (aka astral trips) New Bionic Leaf Could Solve Solar Energy Storage Problem Quadcopter HD video of dolphin stampede and whales – shows how drones can be used for good things HackingTeam Used US Servers To Enable Other Governments’ Sketchy Spying