Live Updates: Crisis in Eastern Ukraine

Live Updates: Crisis in Eastern Ukraine. I haven’t been following this situation closely, but At least five people are dead after Ukrainian troops moved into eastern Ukraine on Thursday in an effort to quell the recent pro-Russian uprisings that have turned violent. Russian President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine’s deployment of military forces is a crime […]

Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas Is A Dreadful Idea For The Climate The crisis in Ukraine has rekindled arguments that the U.S. should export shale gas, supposedly to diminish the threat posed by Russia’s “energy weapon.” Sadly, few seem to care about diminishing the threat posed by climate change, since it has become increasingly clear that LNG would make things worse.

BEFORE AND AFTER: Kiev’s Independence Square

Independence Square (aka Maidan) in central Kiev is the epicenter of an ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Protesters have been camped out since December, defending Maidan against Russian-backed riot police and security forces loyal to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. At least 26 people have died in the clashes over the past two days. Here’s what Independence Square looked like in September […]